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ECA Fashion Show 2016: Arielle Kalin as Lady MacBeth


Louise was given the time period 1760 for her design of MacBeth.  The colours for the project were black, red and white.  Louise went for black and red as this was felt to be most suited to what she was trying to achieve.  For her concept Louise chose to set her film in an asylum but there were no asylums at that period of time as the Madhouse Act did not come into fruition until 1774. Prior to then people were confined to home. If you were very poor you were sent to the Workhouse. If you were lucky enough to come from a wealthy family you had more options such as living at home and possibly having a private nurse

To get round this Louise sets the scene by having the actor who plays MacBeth  entering an Asylum in the 1930s. He has just finished portraying Macbeth in a play on stage set in 1760 and the character has taken him over. He sees a lady in the common room and imagines her as Lady Macbeth. What he sees her wearing in his imagination is completely different to what she is actually wearing in the Asylum.